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24" x 10" Motorized Damper by Jackson Systems D-2410-BM

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Mfg:Jackson Systems

24" X 10" motorized damper - normally open

Motor is mounted on the longer dimensionor bottom of the damper.

Jackson Systems "D" Series motorized rectangular zone dampers are designed especially for use in zone control, air inlet, and exhaust air vents, although they may be used to control air flow in any duct system. These dampers are powered closed/spring return open.


  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum and stainless steel construction for long, corrosion-resistant life.
  • Dampers have been tested to 250,000 cycles.
  • Opposed blade damper distributes air evenly over face of grille while reducing noise in the system.
  • Special windings and heavy-duty steel gearing on the factory-installed motor provide for long life and easy spring close or open operation.
  • Cross pin drive on the motor shaft provides positive direct drive to damper without a coupling or setscrews, allowing for quick and easy motor change.
  • Unique individual blade bushings for smoother and quieter operation.
  • Mounting plate provided for slip-in installation in the side of the duct.
  • Designed to work with low-pressure systems up to 0.75" WC
  • Driven by a synchronous type, 2-wire, 10VA, 24 volt motor

The powered closed/spring return open version is 2-position, 15 seconds close with power on, and 5 seconds spring open with power off.