6" Round Motorized Damper by Jackson Systems D-06

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Mfg:Jackson Systems
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Price: $155.35

6" round motorized damper - normally open

Jackson Systems "D" Series round, 2-position motorized dampers are ideal for zone control, make up air, air intake, exhaust air vents, and solar applications. These dampers are shipped to operate as powered closed/spring return open.


  • 90º butterfly design
  • Heavy duty spiral shell with rolled-in stiffening beads for superior rigidity. Shell has one crimped and one straight end, with side mounted motor control box.
  • Damper motors have been tested to 250,000 cycles.
  • Motor drive end pivots are made of machined steel for maximum durability and long life.
  • Special windings and heavy-duty steel gearing provide for long motor life and easy spring close operation.
  • Cross pin drive on the motor shaft provides positive direct drive to damper blade without coupling or set screw, allowing for quick and easy motor change.
  • Designed to work with low-pressure systems less than 1" WC
  • Driven by a synchronous type, 2-wire, 10VA, 24 volt motor
  • Minimum position adjustable.

    The powered closed/spring return open version is 2-position, 15 seconds close with power on, and 5 seconds spring open with power off.