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Replacement Filter Wick for Holmes and Bionaire Portable Humidifiers - HWF-100
(case of 12 Filters)

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case of 12 Filters

These high quality filter wicks are made by a leading manufacturer to fit Holmes and Bionaire Portable Humidifiers - 12 Pack (4 boxes of 3 filter wicks). Patented "Extended Life" design prevents by-pass air, extending the filters higher output. Anti-bacterial treated.   Equivalent to Holmes part # HWF-100 and Bionaire part # BWF-100.

  • Fits Holmes Models: HM7204, HM7305, HM7305RC, HM7306, HM6000, HM6000RC, HM6600, HM6005HD, HM729, HM4600, HM4600HD, HM630, HM7203, HM7405, HM7808 (Part # HWF100, HF235, HWF100CS).
  • Fits Bionaire Models : BCM6000, BCM6010RC, BCM7203, BCM7203RC, BCM7305RC, BCM7305RCB, BCM7305, BCM645, BCM6610RC, BCM7204, BCM7207, BCM630, BCM646, BCM4600, BCM5520, BCM7204, BCM7204, BCM7305, BCM600, BCM4655, BCM5521, BCM655, BCM657, BCM658, BCM7205, BCM7255, BCM7307, BCM7308, BCM7309, BCM7510(Part # BWF100 or BWF100CS).
  • Approximate dimensions: 7-1/2" x 5" x 1"

Any of the following conditions indicate that it's time to replace the wicking filter:
-A buildup of impurities and minerals on the wicking filter (evidenced by discoloration of the filter)
-An appreciable decrease in humidifier output
-The top surface of the wicking filter is not moist to the touch
-The wicking filter has large holes or tears

The wicking filter should be replaced at least one or two times during the season, depending on usage, mineral content of the water and the environment.