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Crawl Space Vent Cover - Black

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Crawl Space Vent Cover - Black

Seal off your crawlspace vents to prevent infiltration of humidity and pests.  Cover measures 10" H X 19" W.  It is constructed of tough plastic with a foam backer.  Includes mounting hardware.  Fits over standard size foundation vents.

Crawl space vents allow humidity into your crawl space in the summer and cold air when winter's chill settles in.  By allowing humidity into the crawl space, where it condensates in the cooler temperatures, crawl space vents make crawl spaces damp and prove unable to do their job.  And because of the stack effect, you're moving this unconditioned air into your living space, where it becomes burden on your utility bills.

This product will cover up those ugly vents and protect your home.  Its closed-cell foam gasket will create an excellent seal and provide an insular covering.  Each vent cover will come with fasteners to mechanically fasten the cover to the home for a long-lasting hold.   Use 1/4" masonry bit to drill pilot holes for fasteners.