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Honeywell HE265H8908 (HE265H) Enviracaire Elite By-pass Humidifier

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Honeywell HE265H8908 (HE265H) Enviracaire Elite By-pass Humidifier with H8908A Manual Control - (REPLACES MODEL HE265A1007)

Part of Honeywell's whole-house air quality system


  • Antimicrobial coating on pad prevents the surface growth and migration of bacteria, mold, fungus and algae on the humidifier pad.
  • Bold, new look with blue and white styling.
  • System yields 17 gallons per day (65 liters per day) to humidify a large area up to 4,000 sq. ft. (372 sq. m).
  • Small footprint, lightweight and reversible components allow for easy mounting on either warm air supply or cold air return of most forced air furnaces.
  • Components designed for quick maintenance and service.
  • Continuous flushing reduces the frequency of maintenance in a hard water installation.
  • Model includes premiere white convertible humidistat (styling similar to Chronotherm┬«).
  • 5 year warranty
  • Exclusive AIRWATCHT indicator reminds customers when to change pad (optional).
The HE225A and HE265A Humidifiers are controlled by the Convertible Humidity Control that is installed either on an interior wall in the living area or on the return air duct. Choose the humidity control setting using the combination relative humidity/outdoor temperature setting scale on the humidity control dial.

Humidifier installation will require the following supplies (not included):
  • - #8 sheet metal screws
  • - 1/4" copper water line 
  • - 1/2" ID clear vinyl tubing for drain
  • - Small wire nuts
  • - 6" start collar for bypass connection 
  • - 6" 90 degree elbow for bypass connection 
  • - 6" pipe for bypass connection 
  • - 18-2 thermostat wire

Product Specifications:
Description  Bypass flow-through humidifier with H8908A humidistat.
Application  Humidification
Type  Steam
Capacity (gal. per day)  17 gal. per day
Capacity (liter per day)  64 L per day
Voltage  120 Vac
Electrical Ratings  0.5A
Frequency  60 Hz
Color  White and Blue
Mounting  Duct or Remote Mount (up to 20 feet)
Temperature Range (C)  1.1C-40C
Plenum Opening (in.)  12 5/8 in. high x 9 3/4 in. wide
Plenum Opening (mm)  321 mm high x 248 mm wide
Dimensions (in.)  19 in. H x 11 1/4 in. W x 9 in. D
Dimensions (mm)  345 mm high x 425 mm wide x 235 mm deep
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc  UL/CUL Listed Report E185662
Includes  Bypass Flow-through Humidifier, summer shut-off damper humidifier pad, mounting template, self-piercing saddle valve 24 Vac transformer and wire, standard humidistat
Tradeline Value  Tradeline
Bypass Duct Opening (Diameter) (in.)  6 in.
Bypass Duct Opening (Diameter) (mm)  152 mm

We have packaged these supplies into our Bypass Type Humidifier Installation Kit

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