Honeywell Replacement Media FC100A1003- 16x20
(case of 5 Filters)

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5-Pack Original Honeywell MERV 10 (new more efficient filter replaces previous merv 8 rated filter) Factory Replacement Filter

16" X 20" X 4-3/8"

Fits Honeywell Series: F25/F35/F100/F150
Fits Honeywell Air Cleaner Models: F100F2028, F100F1004, F100B1008, F150E1000
Replaces FC35A1035 / 209894

How do media filters work?

Ultra-Web technology is exclusive to high-efficiency Honeywell Media Air Cleaners. Media air filters, at the microscopic level, consist of an interlocking network of fibers that appear quite porous. This porosity is necessary to allow air to pass through the unit with minimal pressure drop. The interlocking fibers of the Ultra-Web material form a web that captures particles that pass right through them. The particles are captured three different ways.

Diffusion: The random trajectory of many particles, jostled by molecules, carries them directly into the path of the fiber.
Impaction: Many particles are too heavy to move out of the path of a fiber, so they slam into a fiber and stick
Interception: Random air current cause particles to sweep too close to a fiber, and due to molecular attraction, the fiber grabs the particle

For optimum system performance, replace the filter every six months (before heating season and before cooling season). Adjust the schedule to your needs, but replace the filter at least annually.