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Generalaire GFX3 Automatic Digital Humidistat

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Generalaire GFX3 Automatic Digital Humidistat (Part # 7050) - Replaces model E2.

The new GFX3 Humidistat provides automatic control of your whole house humidifier and a digital readout.  It can be duct or wall mounted.  In automatic mode - the GFX3 will adjust the humidity in your home based on the outdoor temperature, lowering the humidity in cold weather to reduce condensatoin.  The GFX3 can be operated in Manual Mode to control humidity to a specific relative humidity.  In most homes Automatic operation is preferred to reduce condensation on windows and within the structure. Manual mode is necessary where the outdoor tempearture sensor cannot be installed.  1 Year Warranty.


GFX3 Includes:
- GFX3 Digital Humidistat
- Duct Mount Backplate
- Wall Mount Backplate
- Outdoor Temperature Sensor (comes with short lead which can be extended up to 200 ft. with 18/2 thermostat wire)
- Mounting screws with wall anchors


  • Precision Electronics
  • Extreme Accuracy
  • Outdoor Temperature Compensation Mode
  • Manual or Automatic Mode
  • Contemporary Appearance
  • Informative Backlit Display
  • User Friendly and Easy to Use
  • Quick, Easy Installation
  • Wall or Duct Mount
  • Outdoor Sensor Included

Voltage: 18-30 VAC, 60Hz
Switching Load: 1 amp max at 30 V
Outdoor Sensor: max 200 ft.
Auto Mode Control Range:10%-60%RH / Outdoor Temp Limit: -10F
Manual Mode Control Range: 10%-75% RH
Accuracy: + / - 3% RH
Accuracy Indoor Temp: + / - 2 degrees F
Accuracy Outdoor Temp: + / - 2 degrees F
Dimensions: 3.5" X 3.5" X 1.25" (2" Deep including probe extension).

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