Generalaire E2 Automatic Digital Humidistat

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No Longer Available

Generalaire E2 Automatic Digital Humidistat

Upgrade Existing or New Humidifier Installations with this precise control.

This attractive unit can be wall or duct mounted. Unit can display indoor humidity, or indoor/outdoor temperature (if outdoor sensor is used), and can control humidifier manually or automatically (with use of outdoor sensor). Requires 24VAC power source.

Includes Outdoor sensing bulb and mounting hardware (30' sensor lead). In automatic mode, the E2 will automatically raise the humidity as the outdoor temperature increases, and automatically lower the humidity as temperatures drop. This minimizes the risk of condensation on cold surfaces like windows.

* Outdoor Temperature Compensating Feature
* Operate in Manual or Automatic Modes
* Calibration is Adjustable
* Wall or Duct Mount
* Contemporary Design for Living Space Mounting
* Large Digital Display Can Show:
-Indoor Humidity
-Humidifier Operation Indicator
-Indoor/Outdoor Temperature
-Off/Manual/Automatic Indicator

Dimensions: 3.3" X 3.3" X .8"
Temperature Operating Range: 32-99 Degrees F
Humidity Setpoint Range: 10% to 60% RH
Humidity Display Range: 10% to 90% RH
Power: 18-30 Volts, AC