Fantech Fan/Light Delay Timer Switch (FLD 60)

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Mfg#:FLD 60
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The Fantech FLD60 Fan/Light delay timer switch replaces bathroom fan and light switches and provides both functions with one easy operation.  This switch uses a microprocessor to monitor and control operation.  This switch is designed for demanding applications that require operation of both lamp (incandescent, CFL, fluorescent, LED) and motor loads via ONE SWITCH such as with an exhaust fan up to 150 watts and a lights up to 450 watts.

The FLD 60 fan/light time switch has been designed to use one control switch and time feature in bathrooms, conference rooms, schools, offices, hotels, and motels. They can be used in many applications in combination with exhaust fans, lights, and heat lamps, whether in residential, commercial, or industrial environments.

Move switch up to turn on the fan and light
Move switch down to turn off the light. The fan will continue to run for a pre-set DELAY time (unless manually canceled)

The fan will automatically come on once per hour for the pre-set VENTILATION time.  Any manual fan operation and DELAY operation will be subtracted from the pre-set VENTILATION time for that hour. If manual fan operation and DELAY operation exceed pre-set VENTILATION time, the excess time will be subtracted from the next hour's total VENTILATION time.  If this feature is not desired, ventilation time can be set to "Zero".


  • Works with ANY fan because it is NOT a solid state device
  • Earn LEED and ENERGY STAR points for enhanced exhaust ventilation*
  • Make standard bath fans ASHRAE 62.2 compliant*
  • Replaces both fan and light switches for one easy operation
  • Saves energy by automatically turning fan "off"
  • Microprocessor technology provides precise ventilation times
  • Programmable DELAY and VENTILATION settings
  • Excess manual and/or delay operation is subtracted from the next hour's programmed ventilation time
  • Works with ALL incandescent, CFL, fluorescent and LED lights
  • Uses standard wall plate - single or multi-ganged (not included)

*When used with ASHRAE 62.2 compliant fans

Timer interval is set from 1 to 60 minutes using small screwdriver  / Hourly ventilation is set from 1 to 60 minutes using small screwdriver