Exhaust Grille and Elbow for 2x4 Wall Mounting

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Mfg#:FEL4 + DG4
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Exhaust Grille and Elbow for 2x4 Wall Mounting

This product includes:
(1) FEL4 90º Elbow
(1) DG4 Designer Grille

This combination of products allows for a wall-mounted exhaust grille that can be connected to 4" ductwork.  Because the duct connection on the elbow is ovalled, the connection can be made within the 3-1/2" space in a 2x4 stud wall bay.  Duct can run either up or down the wall as there are fastening holes on both sides of the elbow.

The elbow is constructed of heavy-duty plastic and includes half-inch drywall lip with multiple predrilled holes for nails or screws.

To install, drive screws or nails through holes in drywall lip into nearest convenient framing member.  Connect to duct by sqeezing duct into oval shape and inserting end of elbow into duct.  Secure duct with foil HVAC tape. Install drywall over vent (after cutting round 4-1/4" hole in drywall).  Push white grille from DG4 into round hole.  Discard metal mounting collar from DG4 (it will not be used).