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Remote Sensor Module For Ecobee Thermostat - EB-RSM-01

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Power Adaptor For Ecobee Thermostat

The ecobee Remote Sensor Module (RSM) is compatible with the ecobee Smart Thermostat (Residential) and has been developed to allow for greater control over the comfort of a home or buildings operating system.
The RSM will provide access to up to four additional hard wired sensors per system and supports 10K NTC resistive temperature sensors and 0-10Vdc or 0-5Vdc humidity or CO2 sensors. The RSM is mounted right into the Equipment Interface and will be managed through the ecobee Web Portal delivering ultimate control, monitoring and remote diagnostics from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Some of the features of the Remote Sensor Module include;

Control Sensors
Use the average from multiple temperature or humidity sensors to control the HVAC system 
Use a remote sensor instead of the thermostat sensor 
Use existing thermostat high/low temp alerts to signal you of any problems with the system
Monitor each sensor individually on the thermostat and online. 
Monitor the temperature of non-HVAC equipment, for example freezers or refrigerators. 
Monitor humidity or C02 levels. 
Set individual high or low thresholds per input 
Generate alerts or program specific actions to suit specific needs.
Discharge Air Temperature Monitoring
Monitor discharge air or return air 
Set individual temperature ranges for both heat and cool 
Generate alerts or program specific actions
Outdoor Sensor
Replace the internet weather for HVAC algorithms 
Replaces current temperature information on home screen 
Still retains a 5 day forecast 
Dry Contact
Up to 4 more dry contacts for door/window dry contacts points 
Generate alerts or specific actions