Dwyer 2001 Magnehelic Gauge

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Dwyer Magnehelic Pressure Gage - Model 2001. The Magnehelic is the industry standard to measure fan and blower pressures, and filter resistance. This professional-grade gage gives an instant visual indication when filters need servicing.

Air filters used in ventilating systems are called upon to remove an extremely wide variety of contaminants from the air, ranging from soot and smoke and the common dusts to mold spores, bacteria and pollen. Particle sizes vary from less than a micron (.000039") to insects and leaves. The concentration will vary hourly, daily and seasonally.

These variables combined with filtering requirements that range from the simple needs of a household furnace to the absolute filtration required for a clean room make air cleaning a complex science. Filter selection should, therefore, be made by a qualified engineer or in cooperation with the filter manufacturer.

The same variables that affect filter selection also contribute to the problem of determining when a filter has reached the tolerable limit of its effective life span as a result of the accumulation of contaminants. Because of wide variation in contaminant load in the air being filtered, time is an uncertain measurement. Visual inspection of the condition of the filter tells little or nothing. The most widely used method of checking filter condition is to measure pressure drop across the filter by means of an air filter gage. The air filter gage measures pressure drop across the filter for the purpose of determining whether or not the filter is operating within its design range of effective utilization.

4 3/4" DIA x 2 3/16" D
Operating Range: 0-1" Water
Minor Divisions: 0.02"
Temperature Range: 20 - 140 Degrees (-6.67 - 60 Degrees Celsius)
Housing: Die cast aluminum case and bezel with acrylic cover. Exterior finish is coated gray to withstand 168 hour salt spray corrosion test.

Includes two (2) 1/8' NPT plugs for duplicate pressure taps, two (2) 1/8" pipe thret to rubber tubing adapter and three (3) flush mounting adaptors with screws.

NOTE: An optional air filter gage accessory package should be purchased to use this unit as an air filter gage. No pressure tips, tubes, or additional fittings are included with this gage.