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ControlTemp Programmable Tamper-Proof Thermostat

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ControlTemp Programmable Tamper-proof Thermostat  - Prevents setting Heat above 72 degrees and AC below 75 degrees

Designed specifically for property managers and landlords - the ControlTemp CT100 "locks down" your thermostat and prevents tenants, employees, vacation home renters, and family members from cranking up the heat or cranking down the AC to unreasonable levels.

Unlike other thermostats that provide a limiting feature - the ControlTemp CT100 has hard coded limits that cannot be changed.  Ever!

In addition to the built-in setpoint limiting - the CT100 also offers 7-day programmable schedule capability allowing you to ensure that the thermostat temperature is setback when the space is unoccupied. 


  • Limits heat temperature to maximum of 72 degrees
  • Limits air conditioning temperature to minimum of 75 degrees
  • Limits are hard coded and can not be changed.
  • Works with most HVAC systems including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps (Single and multi stage)
  • Simple to install and use - No programming required
  • Energy usage monitor
  • 7-day Programmable schedule
  • Automatic changeover between Heat and Cool
  • Filter change reminder
  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee
  • Battery backup - Operates during power failures
  • Works with most systems such as boilers,
  • Furnaces, single or dual stage heat pumps, , etc
  • Easy installation

If one of the following scenarios describe you:
* It is 20 degrees outside and your tenants still have the windows open.
* You have tried to install a thermostat lock box and it continues to get broken.
* Your employees leave the heat or AC on all night and on weekends.
* You have a "Do not touch sign" over your thermostat.
* Vacation renters turn the thermostat to 68 and leave the windows open to enjoy the ocean breezes.

You need a ControlTemp Thermostat today..

Single Stage gas, oil, electric
Single Stage heat pump
Millivolt Systems
Multi-Stage gas, oil electric
Multi-Stage heat pump
Will not control 3-wire hydronic heating or 120/240 Volt heating

Heating Setpoint Range - 45 to 72
Cooling Setpoint Range - 75 to 90
Terminals: L, C, R, E/W1, W2, Y1, G, O, B
Dimensions: 5-1/2" W X 3-3/4" H X 1-1/8" D