Broan Model 690 Economy Fan Upgrade Kit

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Broan Model 690 Economy Fan Upgrade Kit - ( Also called NuTone 690NT )

Are you tired of your noisy and ineffective "builder-grade" fan but don't have the time or expertise to replace the whole thing?

Upgrade your old economy NuTone or Broan bath fan with this easy-to-install kit.  Reduces sound by 50% and increases performance by 20%.  Provides an easy upgrade for economy fans without replacing the entire housing, rewiring and reconnecting the duct.

.  Upgrading bath fan performance is easy with our all-in-one kit. NO rewiring. NO new duct work. NO hassles. ALL in just 10 minutes!
.  New motor (60 CFM and 3.0 Sones) reduces sound up to 50%, improves air movement up to 20% and helps control humidity that causes mold and mildew.
.  New Grille: Upgrade your bathroom's look with a modern white grille.
.  Wrench: No special tools are required. The kit has everything you need including new components, a wrench, fasteners, and complete step-by-step instructions.
.  Two motor plates included to fit most economy fans.

This unit must be installed into fan housings that are marked "D-Housing" or "690" Series. Other fan housings cannot be substituted. For use only with Broan fan models 670, 671, 688, 689 and Nautilus fan models N671, N688 and NuTone fan models 693, 695, 696N.  Refer to the table below to double-check that your fan is a candidate for upgrade. Measure the fan housing and compare with dimensions below.

New Grille Dimensions - 10-3/4" X 9-3/8"

1). Turn off power to fan at breaker
2). Remove old grille
3). Unplug and remove old motor assembly
4). Vacuum inside of fan enclosure to remove old dust
5). Determine proper sized motor plate (2 are provided) and fasten new fan/motor to plate
6). Pop-in new fan/motor assembly and plug in
7). Attach new grille
8). Turn power back on


Broan 690 Upgrade Kit replaces the models below:
If your grille looks like this:
The fan is very likely one of these models:
Housing Dimensions:
670, 671, 688, 689

N671, N688

7-1/2"x7-1/4" only

* 8" x 8-1/4" are not compatible


693, 695, 696N