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8082 Aprilaire Temperature/Humidity (TrH) Sensor Module

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The Aprilaire 8082 is designed to offer versatility in climate control. A set of onboard dipswitches allows you to select whether you want as many as two sensor inputs per support module to control, monitor or even do a combination of both. This temperature/humidity data is sent by digital communications back to an Aprilaire 8870 Communicating Thermostat, allowing you to accurately control and monitor temperature/humidity in a given area or multiple areas. The Aprilaire 8870 Communicating Thermostat can support up to four Support Modules (TT or TrH).

-Power Supply: 18 to 30 VAC or DC (24V Nominal)
-Maximum Relative Humidity: 90% (non-condensing)
-Max. Cable Length between Module and TSTAT: 1000ft.
(Max cumulative distance between multiple support modules and TSTAT 1000ft.)
-Max. Cable Length between Module and Remote Sensor: 300ft.
-Temperature Accuracy:
Comfort Range (60°F to 80°F): ±1°F
Control Range (40°F to 100°F): ±2°F
Operating Range (-40°F to 185°F): ±3°F
-Maximum Display Range: (-40°F to 185°F)
-Humidity Accuracy:
Comfort Range (10% to 45%): ±3%
Control Range (10% to 90%): ±5%
Maximum Display Range: 0% to 90%