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Aprilaire 8051 Flush Mount Remote Temperature Sensor

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The 8051 Flush Mount Temperature Sensor provides the option to have a virtually invisible appearance on the wall. The sensor can be painted to match the wall. The sensor can be used with the Aprilaire 8570 or 8870 thermostats*. Simply drill a 1" hole at the desired location and the flush mount sensor press fits into the hole, no fastners required.

Since the remote sensor only requires 2 wires to connect to a module or thermostat, it can be ideal for mounting in a location that has limited existing wires, allowing the thermostat to be mounted in a location where additional wiring can be readily added.

*When used with Aprilaire 8570 thermostat, the sensor wires directly to the thermostat. When used with the Aprilaire 8870 the sensor must be wired to Aprilaire Sensor Module 8061 or 8062.


10k ohm
Wire lead length - 35" (use 2 conductor thermostat wire to increase distance)
Max. Distance between Sensor and Module/Thermostat - 300ft.