Aprilaire #58 Humidistat

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The new Aprilaire # 58 automatic humidifier control works in conjunction with your furnace to control the operation of the humidifier.  The control senses indoor RH and outdoor temperature and automatically adjusts the operation time of the humidifier to provide the optimum humidity level in the home.  The digitial readout on the control displays the RH level inside the cold air return.  Can also be used in manual mode when it is not possible to run wire to outdoor sensor.  MOUNTS ON RETURN DUCTWORK

New lighted display includes indoor relative humidity readout, service indicator light, water panel change light, and "on" indicator light

NOTE: control must be continously powered for proper functionality - separate 24 volt transformer may be required.

In order for the humidifier to operate, the furnace blower must be running and the humidifier control must be calling for humidity.  There are several different ways to detect blower operation - see installation instructions for details.  24 VAC is also required between W/G and Cf terminals.  See support addendum for details.



* Control
* Outdoor Sensor
* Manual Mode Resistor
* Manual Mode Sticker
* Installation Instructions
* Owners Manual

For use with models: 110, 112, 220, 224, 400, 440, 445, 445A, 448, 500, 550, 558, 560, 560A, 568, 600, 700, 760, 760A and 768

Unit dimensions - 5 15/*16" W X 4 1/4"" H
Requires round 3/4" hole for duct mounting.

Note - remote sensor can be purchased separately

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