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Aprilaire Model 4400 Media Air Cleaner with Electronic Control

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NEW  - Aprilaire Model 4400 Media Air Cleaner with Electronic Control


Aprilaire 4000 Series media air cleaner combines whole-home efficiency with the convenience of visible, active control.  Includes MERV 13 disposable filter.

The new Aprilaire 4400 Whole-Home Air Cleaner comes equipped with the industry's only active Air Cleaner Control.  It can be mounted either in the living space or on the installed air cleaner to allow creater visitiblity and active control - the two things homeowners told us they wanted to see in an air cleaner.

The narrow 6.75" cabinets are easy to install and more flexible in a variety of aplilcations.  The new and exclusive collapsible media design features automatic pleat spacing (no need to use pleat spacer combs).  It installs in seconds, has a MERV 13 rating, and features SelfSeal which dramatically reduces air bypass.

Historically, whole-home air cleaners have waited passively for a heating or cooling call to clean the air. Other than turning the blower on and off, there wasn't a way for homeowners to actively control the blower.  The new Aprilaire Model 4000 comes equipped with the industry's only patented Air Cleaner Control. Here's how it works:

The Air Cleaner Control wires between your thermostat and HVAC equipment.   The Air Cleaner Control provides status information at all times:

Filtering - When the air cleaner is cleaning the air, either at your command or when the heating and cooling system is operating, bars on the display will sequence on and off to let you know that it is working
Filter Life Indicator This area of the display indicates filter usage. Bars will build indicating usage increments of 20%, based on how the Air Cleaner Control was set up. When all bars are filled and begin to flash, it is time to change the filter. 
Active Cleaning - Four selections are available to choose the Air Cleaner Control option that is best for you, beyond the cleaning that occurs whenever your equipment is heating or cooling.

Aprilaire gives you unprecedented control with one touch.
. Constant Cleaning - Runs 24 hours a day, for homes with pets or individualswho suffer fromallergies or asthma
. Automatic - An every-day setting that cleans for 30 minutes every hour
. Event Clean - A great setting when you clean and vacuum - or for parties when visitors bring animals, smoke or other irritants in the home-a three-hour burst of cleaning
. Allergies - For those days when pollen counts are high, this setting runs for 24 hours straight, then turns off


  • Collapsible media with automatic pleat spacing installs in seconds. A MERV 13 rating means that the media is excellent at removing even the smallest micron-sized particles.
  • Installation is simple. Just place the media in the top and bottom rails and slide in, faster than a cake box.
  • SelfSealT dramatically reduces air bypass, improving filtering performance.
  • Self-aligning door easily snaps into place every time.
  • 18% better particulate filtration performance than Space-Gard 2400 air cleaner.


Recommended air flow is up to 2000 cfm.
Agency Approvals: Underwriters Laboratory Listed Class 2
Air Cleaner Cabinet - Supports 400 lb. static load, constructed of galvanealed 22 gauge steel
Door - Galvanealed 22 gauge steel
Warranty - 5 year limited warranty
Filter Life - one to two years

Outlet Opening Height  - 15.44"
Outer Housing Depth without Door  - 28.06"
Outlet Opening Width - 23.88"
Unit Width  - 6.75" 
Outer Housing Depth with Door - 30.06"
Inlet Opening Width  - 23.88"
Inlet Opening Height  - 15.44"
Unit Height  - 17.75
Unit Height with Electronic Control  - 23.38"
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