Filter Upgrade Kit for Aprilaire/Space-Gard 2400 Air Cleaner

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Genuine Factory Original Filter Upgrade Kit for Aprilaire / Space-Gard Model 2400 Air Cleaner.  Fits all Model 2400 air cleaners produced after 1985 with old or new style doors.

Improve the efficiency of your Aprilaire / Space-Gard Model 2400 Air Cleaner with this new upgrade kit.  The kit has everything you need to upgrade your filter from MERV 10 to MERV 13 efficiency rating - a 65% improvement.  This kit would replace filter part number 401, or any other filter you are using in your model 2400 air cleaner.  Also replaces filter # 104 used in Model 2140 Air Cleaner, which is now obsolete.

 ALSO say goodbye to messy filter assembly, and pleat spacers.  The new MERV 13 media simply slides into your existing air cleaner.  This kit offers a permanent upgrade to a more efficient filter you can change yourself!

The kit comes with:

. (1) MERV 13 rated media filter
. Metal frame base and supports - these simply snap together - no tools required
. Door spacer - easily inserts into back of door insuring tight seal and eliminating air bypass (for 2400 units with "old style" door - the spacer is not needed).

The benefits are clear:
. Replaces part # 4272 inner housing
. The kit is easy to construct and install - no tools required
. More efficient filtration
. No more inconvenient and frustrating filter assembly
. No more pleat spacer combs required
. Reduced installation time
. Uses patented Aprilaire media
. Keeps your heating and cooling system running at peak efficiency saving energy
. Protects the life of your heating and cooling system

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