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Aldes VentZone Register Terminal - Deluxe 4" for Continuous Ventilation

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Mfg:American Aldes
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Aldes VentZone Register Terminal - Deluxe 4" for Continuous Ventilation (36 170A).   Provides on/off zoned ventilation plus minimum airflow regulator for continuous low-CFM ventilation.

In addition to providing zoned, on-demand ventilation - this VentZone register terminal includes a minimum airflow regulator in the damper assembly which allows for a low level of continuous ventilation plus a boosted high rate of ventilation via your switch or timer.  This extremely flexible configuration allows homeowners and builders the ability to meet mechanical ventilation standards (ASHRAE 62.2, etc.) while providing boosted spot exhaust of excess moisture, odors, and stagnant air.   By default - the minimum airflow regulator allows for 10 CFM of continuous ventilation - but can be adjusted to 20 or 30 CFM by removing integral "aero clips" from the regulator.

Additionally, a continuous maximum airflow regulator (CAR) can be purchased separately and inserted into the "neck" of unit to provide a constant, balanced rate of airflow.  The CAR will react to static pressure in the duct and allow only the amount of airflow you desire.  This is by far the easiest way to balance your ventilation system.

Multi-area ventilation just got better!  The VentZone register terminal allows on-demand zoned ventilation of problem areas.  These energy-efficient systems eliminate unnecessary ventilation symptomatic of many popular remote fan installations, while increasing airflows where needed.  Perfectly suited for residential and commercial applications, VentZone systems combine demand controlled register terminals and multi-port inline exhaust fans. 

How does it work?

Each VentZone terminal contains a primary flow damper that opens when called upon by a switch, timer, dehumidistat, or occupancy sensor.  Once the damper is opened - the VentZone terminal signals the fan to operate and only exhausts from the open VentZone terminal.    The ZRT series terminals can themselves activate fans used in smaller central exhaust ventilation systems. Through the use of an integral damper end-switch, the ZRT can trigger the remote fan to start. This provides the distinct advantage of allowing the fan to only ventilate specific spaces when called upon, again without the need for separate fans in each space. This is especially important in residential bath exhaust applications using popular in-line and multi-port fans, where extremely low noise and single exterior vent penetrations are desired.


Grille Dimensions -
 9-1/2" Square
Register Box Dimensions - 8" W X 8" L X 7" D
Duct Connection - 4" Diameter / 4-1/2" Long Neck
Mounting Brackets -  (2) 16" on center mounting brackets included - total bracket length - 17-3/4"

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