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Aldes VentZone IAQ 4-Bathroom Performance Ventilation Package With 200 CFM ERV

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Mfg:American Aldes
Standard: 2-7 Business Days: $90.00*

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VentZone 4 Bathroom Ventilation Package with 200 CFM ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) (39 412).  Provides continuous and boosted zoned ventilation to 4 bathrooms + fresh air to your home.

This Kit Includes:
(1) Aldes model ERV200S Energy Recovery Ventilator - 200 CFM with 6" Ports for warm climates - Ventilates homes up to 4,000 square feet
(1) 6" VentZone Register Terminal  (ZRT) - includes motorized damper with integral Minimum Airflow Regulator (perfect for master bathroom)
(3) 4" VentZone Register Terminal (ZRT) - includes motorized damper with integral Minimum Airflow Regulator (perfect for smaller bath / powder room)

American Aldes has developed new technology that makes it possible to turn a whole house IAQ system into a highly effective central bathroom ventilation system and vice versa.

This VentZone IAQ System utilizes a whole house Heat Recovery System combined with Zone Register Terminals to remove stale and humid air from the bathrooms at a low volume continuous rate and provides a high volume boosted rate when the bathrooms are occupied. By doing this homeowners are able to recover the energy (heating or cooling) from stale air drawn from the bathrooms to condition fresh air being brought into the home. This technology makes far more sense than sending conditioned air from common areas into an HRV or ERV and having multiple noisy bathroom fans all blowing tempered air out of multiple penetrations through the roof.

This is accomplished by installing automatic self-balancing Constant Airflow Regulators through motorized damper doors in Zone Register Terminals in the ceiling of each bathroom of the home. Each ZRT also contains a micro-switch that tells the Energy Recovery System to boost airflow when the motorized damper opens during the times the bathrooms are in use. By utilizing regulated and balanced airflow controls, homeowners benefit from maximum energy savings, comfort and IAQ improvement.

Even though this technology delivers far greater performance and IAQ benefit than standalone bath fans and an HRV unit bolted onto a furnace, the cost for a complete system with heat recovery retails for very affordable price.

With the new Energy Efficiency standards and codes being introduced (such as ASHRAE 62.2 and California's Title 24) builders are able to utilize the VentZone IAQ system to meet code requirements, improve performance and save costs by installing one simple system.

How does it work?

Each VentZone terminal contains a primary flow damper that opens when called upon by a switch, timer, dehumidistat, or occupancy sensor.  Once the damper is opened - the VentZone terminal signals the ERV to operate on high speed and only boosts flow from the open VentZone terminal.    This provides the distinct advantage of allowing the fan to only ventilate specific spaces when called upon, again without the need for separate fans in each space. This is especially important in residential bath exhaust applications using popular in-line and multi-port fans, where extremely low noise and single exterior vent penetrations are desired. 

With this kit - the fan in the ERV will run continuously - offering 10, 20, or 30 CFM of constant ventilation in each bathroom - plus fresh air supply to different areas of your home.   When local switch is activated - the primary control damper will open - boosting the ventilation to a high level (amount of airflow can be regulated precisely via an optional Constant Airflow Regulator inserted into the "neck" of the register terminal).


Fresh Air AND continuous bathroom ventilation with one system
Remote mounted ERV = very quiet operation
Ventilation only where/when you need it

Additional Products you may need for installation:
* 6x6x6 WYE adaptor,  6x4 reducer, 4x4x4 WYE adaptor to connect to 4" ZRTs
* Supply grilles for fresh air to home
* Fresh air / stale air intake grille and exhaust grille


4" ZRT:
Grille Dimensions - 9-1/2" Square
Register Box Dimensions - 8" W X 8" L X 7" D
Duct Connection - 4" Diameter / 4-1/2" Long Neck
Mounting Brackets -  (2) 16" on center mounting brackets included - total bracket length - 17-3/4"

6" ZRT:
Grille Dimensions - 11-1/2" Square
Register Box Dimensions - 10" W X 10" L X 8-1/2" D
Duct Connection - 6" Diameter / 5-1/2" Long Neck
Mounting Brackets -  (2) 16" on center mounting brackets included - total bracket length - 17-3/4"


ERV 200S: One enthalpic core for total heat transfer (sensible and latent water vapor) for year round energy savings, optimized for warm humid climates.
. No drain required.
. Low maintenance, no moving parts in the exchange core.
. Insulated 20-gauge powder coated galvanized steel cabinet.
. Five speed motor drives a centrifugal blower in each air stream. Quiet, high efficiency PSC motor, 120 V., 1.4 Amps, 164 Watts on high speed.
. Washable filters, one in each air stream protects the core. Easy to access and clean.
. 5 Year warranty on core.
. 2-Year warranty on replacement parts.
. Cabinet: 33-5/8" x 14-3/4" x 19" H (854 x 375 x 483 mm H) Constructed of 20 gauge pre-painted galvanized steel (G60). Interior insulated where surface is exposed to cold air. Access door is hinged and latched. Disconnect switch engaged by door panel.
. Heat/Energy Exchange: Plate type enthalpy cross-flow core.
. Air Filter: Washable air filter in exhaust and supply air streams.
. Blower: Two centrifugal type with direct drive PSC motor and rubber isolated mount. Five speed motor controlled by autotransformer (120VAC / 60Hz /1 ph).

Sensible Efficiency @127 CFM (32°F): 60%
Total Efficiency @127 CFM (32°F): 55%
VAC @ 60 Hz: 120
Watts @ Low/High Speed: 70/182
Amp Rating - 1.4 
Weight - 42 lbs - 52 lbs shipping weight

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