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Aldes LT-20 Heat Recovery Ventilator

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Mfg:American Aldes
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Aldes LT-20 Heat Recovery Ventilator.  For homes up to 4,000 Square Feet.  Integral Damper Defrost. 200 CFM (at .3" WC).


ALDES Model HRV LT-20 is a compact heat recovery ventilator designed to exhaust stale indoor air and supply fresh air from outdoors. When operated at full speed, the LT-20 unit can meet the general ventilation requirements (0.35 air changes per hour- ASHRAE 62-1989) of a home up to 4,000 sq. ft.  (On a smaller home, they can be operated at lower speed, reserving excess capacity for temporary increases in humidity or other contaminants.)

The LT-20 is a technically advanced controlled mechanical ventilation systems designed to meet the requirements of modern, tightly built and highly insulated homes. It provides a consistent supply of fresh air while lowering heating costs during the winter by transferring heat from the exhaust air to the fresh air stream. During the summer it also reduces the load on the air conditioner by lowering the temperature of the fresh outdoor air. (For southern climates, where air conditioning costs are the major concern, one of the ERV models should be considered, because of their ability to reduce the humidity of the fresh air as well as lowering the temperature.) The system provides an economical solution for excessive indoor humidity, odors, stuffiness, and other indoor air pollutants.


* Thermally conductive aluminum heat exchange core, cross-flow design, easily removed for cleaning or service. Efficient multi-speed motor drives a centrifugal blower in each air stream. Quiet, high efficiency PSC motor. 120 V., 1.4 Amps
* Washable filters on each air stream protect the core. Easy to access and clean.
* Automatic defrost system activates when outdoor temperature falls below 25 °F (-4 °C). The defrost cycle is preset at the factory so that after 17 minutes of outdoor temperature below this set point, the motor driven damper closes the outdoor air connection, and opens the defrost port to draw warm indoor air across the core. After 3 minutes of defrost operation, the damper reverses to restore fresh air supply and close the defrost port. The 17 minute normal ventilation and 3 minute defrost cycle continue until outdoor air temperature rises above 25 °F (-4 °C). During the 3 minute defrost cycle, the HRV operates at high speed.  The cycle times are installer selectable to meet the needs of different climates and
operating conditions.
* Casing is heavy gauge pre-painted steel to protect against corrosion, and minimize noise


THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE, PATENTED ALUMINUM CORE: The cross-flow heat recovery core transfers heat between the two air streams. It is easily removed for cleaning or service.
MOTORS AND BLOWERS: Each air stream has one centrifugal blower driven by a common PSC motor. 120 VAC, 1.4 Amps.
FILTERS: Washable air filters in exhaust and supply air streams.
MOUNTING THE HRV: Four 10-24 5/8" threaded inserts at corners of case designed to accept four PVC reinforced polyester straps that are supplied with the unit.
DEFROST: Damper defrost system; defrosts automatically as the outdoor temperature falls.
CASE: Twenty gauge prepainted galvanized steel (G60) for superior corrosion resistance. Insulated to prevent exterior condensation. Drain connections 2 - 1/2" (12 mm) OD.
WEIGHT: 71 lbs. (32.5 kg) SHIPPING WEIGHT 73 lbs. (33.5 kg)
CONTROLS: Basic ON/OFF control is maintained with the 3 foot, 120VAC, 3-prong electrical cord providing power to the HRV.
HRV DEFAULTS TO LOW SPEED when plugged in. HIGH SPEED option is accessible by connecting remote, low voltage, 2-wire controls (up to 10) or (up to four 28 884 -20 minute fan timers) to designated terminals inside electrical box of HRV.
STANDARD SPEED SETTING can be increased by manipulating jumpers in electrical box. OFF (Standby) /LOW or OFF/HIGH speed operation also available by manipulating jumpers.
DIMENSIONS - 19" X 15" X 31"

Max. Sensible Effectiveness - 69%
Test Parameters 120 cfm (60 L/s)
Sensible Effectiveness - 67%
Sensible Efficiency
@ 32° F ( 0° C )  - 60%
Sensible Efficiency
@ -13° F ( -25° C ) - 59%
VAC @ 60HZ 120
WATTS / High @ .3" w.c. 182
WATTS / Low @ .3" w.c. 70


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