American Aldes DBA-4HP Dryer Booster Kit

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Mfg:American Aldes
Mfg#:99 057

Aldes DBA-4HP Dryer Booster Kit

The DBA-4HP fans is ideally suited for most residential dryer booster applications where duct runs exceed the lengths recommended by building code or the dryer manufacturer. Of a unique design, this fan allows lint to flow easily through them and compensate for system duct losses due to long duct runs or excessive bends. This results in shorter drying times, lower energy usage, and reduced wear on the dryer.

The DBA-4HP model is equipped with an integral pressure sensing timer switch that automatically operates the booster fan whenever the dryer fan starts. Conversely, when the dryer operation stops, the switch will turn off the booster fan on a timed cycle. The kit is supplied with a 5-1/2 foot power cord and mounting bracket.

Questions & Answers:

Q. When is a dryer booster fan necessary?
A. In residential applications, codes typically limit duct length to 14 or 15 feet and two 90° elbows (24-25 linear feet). If a duct run is longer than this, the dryer should in most cases have a booster fan.

Q. What is the maximum length of duct for a standard DBA-4HP fan installation?
A. 130 linear feet of 4" duct. Deduct 5 feet for each bend.

Q. How important is the choice of exterior vents?
A. An appropriate roof cap or wall hood is critical in dryer installations. The use of a good low pressure drop model maximizes a dryer's performance with or without a dryer booster fan. Note that building
codes require exterior dryer vent caps to be equipped with a flapper type backdraft damper and prohibit screened openings that will be stopped up easily by lint.

Q. Are Lint traps advisable?
A. Yes, a lint trap is always recommended, especially in heavy-use situations. Lint traps will greatly reduce potential maintenance problems.

Q. Is it possible to increase dryer performance and efficiency?
A. Typical dryer blowers are inefficient in the presence of long duct runs. The resulting low airflows can cause motor overheating, nuisance cycling, and clogged ducts due to insufficient lint removal. The DBA-4HP Dryer Booster Fans provides the necessary airflows needed to prevent clogging, and assure shortened dryer operating times.

Additional Specifications:
115 V / 60 Hz
69 Watts / .73 AMP
2800 RPM