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Aldes Fresh Air Kit (FAK-II) - 6" With Adjustable Airflow

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Mfg:American Aldes

Aldes Fresh Air Kit (FAK-II) - 6" With Adjustable Airflow

The Fresh Air Kit, Model FAK-II, becomes an integral part of a forced air heating or cooling system to introduce controlled amounts of ventilation air per ASHRAE-62 Standards.  The FAK-II is designed for A/C dominant climates and prevents costly over ventilation.

The FAK-II incorporates the Constant Airflow Regulator (CAR) as its key element.  The use of the CAR provides precise amounts of fresh air to be introduced and distributed throughout the home when the forced AHU system is operating, and eliminates the need for field balancing or adjustment.  This device is ideal for homes equipped with a continuous-duty exhaust fan and a forced air heating system.

The CAR can be easily adjusted to allow 70/90/150 CFM of fresh air by removing integral "aero clips" from the regulator.

A screened fresh air inlet hood is installed on the outside of the home.  Insulated ductwork is run to a duct take-off with integral CAR on the return air plenum of the furnace or air handler.   When the furnace or air handler blower operates, outside air is pulled into the furnace. The air is cleaned by the filters, heated or cooled, and circulated through the duct system. As a result, a slight pressure builds up in the home, preventing unwanted air infiltration around windows and doors.

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