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Aldes Deluxe 42" Kitchen Exhaust Package - HLP-42-KIT

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Mfg:American Aldes
Mfg#:71 126K

Aldes Deluxe 42" Kitchen Exhaust Package - HLP-42-KIT

These complete packages include all of the components needed to create a designer-quality kitchen ventilation solution.  These custom-crafted hood liners are meant to fit within existing wood or stucco hoods - or framed canopies.

Package Includes:

  • ProSeries 42" Hood Liner with Lights and Speed Control
  • AD-10HP Inline Fan  - 1,187 CFM
  • Metal Backdraft Damper
  • (2) Vibration Isolation Clamps
  • 10" Metal Canister Sound Absorber

Highest quality materials
304 grade stainless steel - facia #4 brush finish
304 grade stainless steel body
Halogen lighting system with dimmer control
Motor speed control for remote fan
Commercial style removable, washable grease filters
Filters easy to clean, simply place in dishwasher

More about each package component:
HLP-42 Hood Liner (71 126) - 40-1/2" W X 22" D X 4" H with centered 10" duct collar.  Liner includes wiring for 2 Halogen lights (not included) with dimmer controls and 5 Amp variable speed fan control.  Par 20 halogen lamps are available in many different styles and sizes at your local lighting supply store or hardware store
BDD10 Backdraft Damper (99 027) - keeps outdoor air from coming back into your kitchen.  Galvanized steel collar and lightweight aluminum damper blades. Spring loaded for positive closure.  Fits 10" Round Duct.
Inline Sound Muffler (94 635) - 24.5" L X 14.6" W - 10" Duct collars on each end.  For attenuation of fan noise propagated through ventilation ductwork. May be used in supply and exhaust ductwork
Vibration Isolation Clamps (99 162) - Intended to simplify fan installation and isolate fan vibration from rigid metal duct.  Two inch wide galvanized steel bands lined with 8mm neoprene pad. Can be used for suspended installation of fan. For use with rigid ductwork.
AD-10HP Inline Fan (99 652) - The durable "AD" fan's unique design, with a centrifugal blower in a straight-through housing, combines the compactness of an axial fan with the superior airflow and pressure  characteristics of centrifugal blowers. "AD" fans may be mounted in any orientation. The fan housing is formed in heavy gauge galvanized steel and are sized to fit spiral duct directly without transition pieces.

Fan Specifications:
Max RPM  - 2,850
Max Amps - 4.84
Rated Watts - 529
CFM  - 1,266 CFM at 0" Static Pressure / 1,187 CFM at .25" Static Pressure