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American ALDES Fan/Light Delay Timer - P/N 29 028

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Mfg:American Aldes
Mfg#:29 028
American ALDES Fan/Light Timer - P/N 29 028 

Toggle style with adjustable time-off delay.

Control Operation time of fans, ZRT's, and light circuit. Fan and light come on together when activated, if toggle is turned off light will turn off and fan will complete predetermined timed setting of 1-60 minutes.

This timer switch has three positions:

  • Up turns on both the light and the fan.
  • Down turns the light off, but the fan remains on for the preset time (1-60 minutes)  
  • The center position permits the user to turn the fan off, instead of waiting for the timer to shut it off.  This position is handy when the occupant is in the bathroom, but does not need ventilation, such as when he/she is brushing teeth, combing hair, looking for something in the medicine cabinet, etc.  Running the bathroom fan every time for these activities is unnecessary.

The delay off for the fan is  advantageous to allow the fan to run long enough to ventilate away odors and excessive humidity during and after bathing.   The delay time can be adjusted according to the perceived need by the user, for any time up to 60 minutes.

Standard toggle switch (white). 120V. Lamp load: 450 W max.  Fan Load (switch & relay): 150 W. max.