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American Aldes HRV300DDD Heat Recovery Ventilator

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Mfg:American Aldes
Mfg#:28 069
Standard: 2-7 Business Days: $130.00*

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American Aldes HRV300DDD Heat Recovery Ventilator


American ALDES Model HRV 300DDD - Heat Recovery for homes up to 5,000 SF, high efficiency. The Heat Recovery System provides an economical solution for excessive indoor humidity, odors, stuffiness, and other indoor air pollutants. As the two air streams pass through the HRV, they are separated by thin plates of aluminum in the core. The air streams do not mix, so there is no recontamination of the fresh air by stale air. Heat passes through the thermally conductive aluminum from the warmer air stream to the colder air stream, recovering most of the energy otherwise lost to the outdoors.

  • THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE, PATENTED ALUMINUM CORE - The cross-flow heat recovery core transfers heat between the two airstreams. The two cores are arranged for highly efficient counter current airflow.
  • MOTORS AND BLOWERS - Each air stream has one centrifugal blower driven by a common PSC motor. 5 speed fan operation.
  • FILTERS - Washable air filters in exhaust and supply air streams.
  • MOUNTING THE HRV - Four threaded inserts at corners of case designed to accept four reinforced polyester straps that are supplied with the unit.
  • DEFROST - Damper defrost system
  • CONTROL - Includes ADXC-II Digital Control

Efficiency - 90%
Core - Aluminum
Defrost - Damper
Airflow at various static pressure - 265 CFM at 0 .1" /  260 CFM at .02" / 250 CFM at 0.3" / 235 CFM at 0.5" at 0.4" / 220 CFM at 0.5"
Dimensions: 49" L X 14.75" W X 19" H
Maximum Temperature Recovery 90%
Sensible Effectiveness @119 CFM (32°F): 90%
Sensible Efficiency @119 CFM (32°F): 79%
Sensible Efficiency @125 CFM (-13°F): 75%
VAC @ 60 Hz: 120
Watts / Low Speed: 150
Watts / High Speed: 333
Amp Rating 2.9