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Aldes Bath Fan Kit with Two Deco Grilles and WYE - SBFK-DG-2

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Mfg:American Aldes
Mfg#:25 407
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Aldes Bath Fan Kit with Two Deco Grilles and WYE - SBFK-DG-2.  180 CFM fan + 2 Deco grilles

This Bathroom Fan Kit brings commercial grade ventilation into your home!!  Ventergy SeriesĀ® in-line ventilator fans represent years of engineering development to combine the energy efficiency and sound performance of a forward curved fan, with the durability and pressure characteristics of a backward inclined impeller fan.  The included grilles / mounting sleeves assembly includes a backdraft damper to keep outdoor air from entering your bathroom.  The kit also includes a WYE adaptor to allow the 6" fan to connect to the dual 4" grilles.  This kit is perfect for ventilating two bathrooms with one fan - or one large bathroom where multiple exhaust pick-ups are required.


(1) American Aldes VS-6 EnergyStar-Rated Inline Fan
(2)  4" Deco Grilleswith 4" Mounting Sleeve that Includes Integral Gravity Backdraft Damper
(1)  6X4X4 WYE Adaptor

(1) Switches, which could be a timer, motion sensor, dehumidistat, etc.
(1) Ductwork to connect the fan to the grille assembly and to the outdoor penetration throught roof or wall
(1) Roof, Wall, or Soffit Vent


CFM at 0" WC - 220
CFM at .2" WC - 180
Max Amps - .34
Watts - 41 Max

General: VS-Series in-line ventilators are highly versatile continuous duty rated fans for residential and light commercial applications, and meet ENERGY STAR efficiency criteria for low energy consumption. The most popular use is exhaust ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, etc., with the principal advantage of eliminating the high noise levels found in traditional fans. In addition, with the increased tightness of construction for energy effi cient buildings, there is a growing need of mechanical ventilation for indoor air quality. These fans are designed to serve this purpose as well, providing effective bathroom ventilation with a provision to run the fan intermittently or continuously as needed. Quiet continuous-duty energy efficient external rotor motors with permanently sealed bearings provide many years of maintenance-free performance.

Construction: The VS-Series fans are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel to prevent corrosion caused by moisture. The cabinet is internally lined with an acoustic UL rated, closed-cell foam vapor barrier insulation. This allows installation directly above living spaces, or in unheated plenums without concern for noise or condensation.

Fan and Motor: The fan motor is an energy efficient permanent split capacitor type, of external rotor design. Totally sealed to protect against moisture and contaminants, it is approved for use to remove steam and moisture in kitchen and bath areas. Motor incorporates permanently lubricated sealed bearings and automatic reset thermal overload protection. It is designed and certified for continuous duty or intermittent operation. The fan uses a backward inclined impeller design that minimizes dust from collecting on the blades and affecting airfl ow performance. Each fan is  statically and dynamically balanced at the factory to eliminate vibration and ensure quiet operation. The entire motor assembly is mounted on a drop-down hinged access panel for service and inspection, and can be removed from the fan without disassembly of the ducting connections.

Fan Controls: The fan can be operated manually, or automatically by a programmable timer, dehumidistat, or other appropriate electronic switch device. The fan may also be operated n conjunction with a variable speed control.

Locating and Installing the Fan: The compact dimensions and versatile mounting options permit installation above drop ceilings, between ceiling joists, or within a small soffi t location. The fan can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Performance: Fan airflow and energy performance are tested in accordance with HVI standards.