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Aldes Constant Exhaust Grille for 4" Duct - 25 CFM

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Mfg:American Aldes
Mfg#:19 303W

Aldes Constant Exhaust Grille for 4" Duct - 25 CFM  - 19 303W

Insure a constant rate of airflow - regardless of changing duct position.  This product slides right in to standard 4" round ductwork.  Installation is a snap!

The Constant Exhaust Grille (CEG) is the latest generation of exhaust grilles with preset airflow controls designed by ALDES. It incorporates a self-balancing airflow control that adjusts the area of the airflow pathway in response to changing duct pressures. Constant airflow is thus assured. In multi-point exhaust systems, the CEG permits varying the airflows at one or more exhaust points without significantly affecting the exhaust at the remaining terminal, despite changing duct pressures. This feature virtually eliminates the difficult task of proportional balancing normally associated with centralized fans and multi-point exhaust systems.

Further, the CEG remains responsive to changing duct pressures encountered during normal operation long after the commissioning of a system. Maintaining constant airflows in one zone, while reducing  exhaust levels in unoccupied zones with motorized dampers or other methods, is easily accomplished with the CEG.