Aldes Airlet 200 Round Fresh Air Inlet - White Exterior Grille

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Mfg:American Aldes
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Aldes Airlet 200 Round Fresh Air Inlet - White Exterior Grille

Make-up air is an essential element in a complete central exhaust indoor air quality ventilation system, particularly in structures that are well-insulated and build tightly.  The introduction of fresh air from the exterior provides the make-up air to replace air being exhausted by an exhaust fan.  Thus, indoor relative humidity levels are kept to acceptable levels and a healthy atmosphere is assured.  Fresh air vents protect from excessive negative pressure in the living space and can also be a safeguard from the backdrafting of toxic combustion by-products.

Best results will be obtained in homes with tight air-vapor retarders, and continuous central exhaust from bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.
The goal is to achieve a home with slight negative pressure, to avoid exfiltration into the walls and attic. Install one fresh air inlet in each bedroom, and living/ dining room area(s)1. Inlets should not be installed in kitchens, bathrooms or laundry areas. These areas should be exhaust points to a central exhaust system. When placed high on exterior walls, drafts from the inlet should not be noticeable. The interior fixture has louvers to direct the airflow upwards where it quickly mixes with warmer air near the ceiling.

The AIRLET 200 offers unparalleled performance in the regulation of airflow. Its unique design assures draft-free fresh air.  An interior grille, which may be oriented as necessary, is an added advantage.   A round design permits easy installation after the interior and exterior surfaces have been applied.  One standard telescoping sleeve accommodates wall dimensions from 5" to 9" thick, surface to surface.

Hole Required - 5-1/4" Diameter
Interior Round Grille Dimensions - 5-7/8"
Exterior Square Grille Dimensions - 6" Square