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MERV 11 Filter Kit for Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier (4021475)

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Filter Kit for Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier (Replaces 4027417). 

Standard Filter for Santa Fe Classic, Santa Fe RX, Santa Fe HC, Santa Fe MaxDry, Santa Fe Impact, Santa Fe Impact105, and Santa Fe Impact155 Dehumidifiers.  Also Fits Ultra-Aire models 100V, XT105H, XT155H, XT205H

Kit Includes:
(1) Washable Pre-Filter (4021468)
(4) MERV 11  - 65% Pleated Filter - 16" X 20" X 2"

Check pre-filter every six months. Clean and/or replace when filters are visibly dirty.

The 1/4" washable pre-filter should not to be discarded. Inspect for debris, dirt, or other obstructions. Wash the 1/4" pre-filter every time the 1" pleated fabric filter is replaced. To clean the 1/4" pre-filter, remove filter from the unit, rinse the 1/4" pre-filter in water with the water flowing through the aluminum support mesh side. Allow the filter to dry completely before reinstalling.

Replace pleated filter every six months.