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Fiberglass 18" X 30" X 1" Panel Filter- Equipment Protection
(case of 12 Filters)

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Price: $65.30
($5.44 ea)
case of 12 Filters
18 x 30 x 1 Fiberglass Panel Filter

*Listed filter size is nominal. Actual filter size is up to ½" less on all dimensions.

Designed for general air filtration applications with light to medium dust loading conditions, these disposable panel filters are engineered for sturdy, economical performance and ease of use. Available in a wide range of sizes and two thickness configurations, these filters are used in all types of HVAC systems to protect the coils from dirt. They are also used as prefilters to extend the life of higher efficiency filters.

NOTE: Filter Media may be a blue or white color - depending on size.

Rated Initial Resistance (inches in W.G.)

@300 FPM
.10 for 1" / .13 for 2"

@500 FPM
.20 for 1" / .28 for 2"

@625 FPM
.38 for 2"

Recommended final resistance is .50" w.g. for each thickness.

Average Arrestance @ 300 FPM
70-75% for 1" / 80-85% for 2"

Rated MERV 4

All performance data is based on the ASHRAE 52.1-1992 test method. Performance tolerances conform to Section 7.4 of ARI Standard 850-93.

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