Honeywell Digital Bath Fan Control - Biscuit- HVC0002

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Honeywell Digital Bath Fan Control - Biscuit- HVC0002

Every home can benefit from proper ventilation. Honeywell's new Digital Bath Fan Control can operate a bath fan to meet ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation standards, allowing you to offer increased ventilation control that is smart, affordable and efficient.


  • Easy to Install - Installs in place of a normal switch
  • Simple Programming - Manually turn fan on/off or program to run at certain times of the day for increased efficiency and convenience
  • Timer Option - Can run in timer mode up to 60 minutes in 5-minute increments
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation Standard - Required or recommended in most states for new construction or wherever a permit is required
  • Convenient Display - Easy-to-see backlit display shows current time to keep you on a schedule when getting ready

The HVC0001 controller has been designed to control a single-speed bath fan. To suit the user's preference and lifestyle, it can be programmed in any the following modes of operation:
. Manual Mode - the controller operates like a regular switch. Press the main button to turn the fan On or Off.
. Daily On/Off Program Mode - In this mode, the fan turns On and Off once a day according to the programmed On Time and the programmed Off Time.
. Customized Cycle Program Mode - In this mode, you set the Run (On) Period and the Idle (Off) Period for the fan. Each period can be set between 10 minutes and 120 minutes in increments of 5 minutes. The controller will cycle between the two periods
. ASHRAE 62.2 Program Mode - In this mode, the fan operates on a 60-minute cycle. For example, if the fan is On for 20 minutes, it will be Off for 40 minutes. The amount of time the fan is On is automatically set by the controller based on your ASHRAE settings (floor space, number of bedrooms and fan capacity).
Countdown Mode - Use this mode if you want to turn the fan On right away and you want to ensure that it stays On for an amount of time which you can set between 10 and 60 minutes.

This controller cannot be used with a load lower than 0.1 A or higher than 2.5 A.