Aldes VentZone 2-Bathroom Standard Ventilation Package VZ-2

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Mfg:American Aldes
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Aldes Ventergy 2-Bathroom Zoned Ventilation Package VZ-S2 (39 100)

Provides on demand ventilation to 2 bathrooms right where you need it!

This Kit Includes:
(1) EnergyStar Rated MPVS 150 multi-port exhaust fan with 6" ducting to outdoors with a 4" AND 6" Inlet - rated at 171 CFM (with .2" WC)
(1) 6" VentZone Register Terminal  (ZRT) - includes motorized damper for on/off control (perfect for master bathroom)
(1) 4" VentZone Register Terminal (ZRT) - includes motorized damper for on/off control (perfect for smaller bath / powder room)

Use product # VZ-B to provide on demand ventilation for additional bathrooms (up to 4 total)

This VentZone system by American Aldes offers dynamic zone control of ventilation system airflows.  These ultra energy efficient systems eliminate unnecessary ventilation symptomatic of many popular remote fan installations, while increasing airflow when needed most.  Perfectly suited for residential applications - VentZone combines ZRT demand controlled zone register terminals (ZRTs) and Ventergy Series super-energy efficient fans to create the most energy efficient and quite central exhaust system available.

How does it work?

Each VentZone terminal contains a primary flow damper that opens when called upon by a switch, timer, dehumidistat, or occupancy sensor.  Once the damper is opened - the VentZone terminal signals the fan to operate and only exhausts from the open VentZone terminal.    The ZRT series terminals can themselves activate fans used in smaller central exhaust ventilation systems. Through the use of an integral damper end-switch, the ZRT can trigger the remote fan to start. This provides the distinct advantage of allowing the fan to only ventilate specific spaces when called upon, again without the need for separate fans in each space. This is especially important in residential bath exhaust applications using popular in-line and multi-port fans, where extremely low noise and single exterior vent penetrations are desired. 

The amount of airflow through each ZRT can be regulated precisely via an optional Constant Airflow Regulator inserted into the "neck" of the register terminal).


Single penetration through roof / wall
Remote mounted fan = very quiet operation
EnergyStar rated fan
Ventilation only where/when you need it


4" ZRT:
Grille Dimensions - 9-1/2" Square
Register Box Dimensions - 8" W X 8" L X 7" D
Duct Connection - 4" Diameter / 4-1/2" Long Neck
Mounting Brackets -  (2) 16" on center mounting brackets included - total bracket length - 17-3/4"

6" ZRT:
Grille Dimensions - 11-1/2" Square
Register Box Dimensions - 10" W X 10" L X 8-1/2" D
Duct Connection - 6" Diameter / 5-1/2" Long Neck
Mounting Brackets -  (2) 16" on center mounting brackets included - total bracket length - 17-3/4"

Fan Specifications:

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