Deluxe Vacancy / Occupancy Sensor Switch - White

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Deluxe Vacancy / Occupancy Sensor Switch - White

People forget to turn things off - these sensors don't!   Superior style and features make the P&S Vacancy / Occupancy Sensor a great choice for saving energy in bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, and laundry or utility rooms - and meeting energy conservation standards such as California Title 24.

The RW3U600 can be used as single pole or 3-way switches and can operate in vacancy sensor mode (manual on) OR occupancy sensor mode (auto on).  They are ideal for any room with multiple entrances such as living and dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and other indoor spaces where occupancy sensor-based controls are desirable.

The RW3U600 has 2 modes of operation - vacancy or occupancy sensor. While the sensor is factory preset as a vacancy sensor with manual ON operation, it can be adjusted to work as an occupancy sensor that turns the controlled load ON automatically upon detection of occupancy in the area.

In vacancy sensor mode, you can press the ON/OFF button to turn the light or fan ON and OFF like a standard switch.  In occupancy sensor mode, the load will turn on automatically when the space becomes occupied.  The RW3U600 automatically turns OFF the controlled load after the coverage area has been vacant for a period of time (Time Delay).  If motion is detected within 30 seconds after it automatically turns OFF, the RW3U600 automatically turns the load back ON.

Lighted Switch - To help you locate the RW3U600 in a dark room, the green LED illuminates the ON/OFF button while the controlled load is OFF.  When the controlled load is ON the LED is off.

Coverage Area - the RW3U600 has a maximum coverage range of 180 degrees and overage area of 600 square feet.  The sensor must have a clear and unobstructed view of the coverage area.  Objects blocking the sensors lens may prevent detection thereby causing the light to turn off even if someone is in the area.


  • California Title 24 compliant.
  • Occupancy-based control plus multi-way operation. 
  • Two or more RW3U600s connected together will allow enhanced coverage of the controlled space. 
  •  Works with most common residential lighting types. 
  • Adjustable time delay of 15 seconds to 30 minutes. 
  •  Light level sensing prevents automatic ON of lights when adequate daylight exists. 
  •  Replaces three-way or four-way switches when used with other RW3U600s. 
  •  Lighted switch for visibility in darkened rooms. 
  • Manual- or automatic-ON operation. 
  • Adjustable light level setting of 10 to 150 fc (100 to 1500 lux). 
  •  Coverage: 180 degrees, max. 600 ft.2 (56m2). 
  •  cULus listed. 
  •  5-year warranty. 
  •  Load: Incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), magnetic low-voltage (MLV) and electronic low-voltage (ELV), 1/6 hp.
  •  Requires neutral wire


  • Voltage - 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Load (Single Pole Circuit) - Incandescent or flourescent - 0-600 Watts / Fan Motor - 1/6 hp
  • Time Delay Adjustment - 15 sec, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min
  • Light Level Adjustment - 10fc to 150fc

Bottom panel slides down to reveal controls