Fresh 80 Fresh Air Passive Inlet

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Fresh 80 Fresh Air Ventilator - Adjustable Passive Make-Up Air Vent.  Bring in fresh air from the outdoors and provide makeup air for mechanical ventilation system. 

Make-up air is an essential element in a complete central exhaust indoor air quality ventilation system, particularly in structures that are well-insulated and build tightly.  The introduction of fresh air from the exterior provides the make-up air to replace air being exhausted by an exhaust fan.  Thus, indoor relative humidity levels are kept to acceptable levels and a healthy atmosphere is assured.

Fresh air vents protect from excessive negative pressure in the living space and can also be a safeguard from the backdrafting of toxic combustion by-products.

The FRESH 80 is easily installed into an approximately 3 3/8" diameter circular opening. This opening can be made using a standard 3 1/4" hole saw.  FRESH 80 comes complete with interior, exterior, and in-wall mounting sections, and easily fits wall thicknesses of 4" - 8".  Provides from 5 - 15 CFM of air infiltration.

A fresh air ventilator needs to have a filter to clean the incoming air. FRESH 80 has a filter which is easy to remove from the inside and which acts as a combined dust and insect filter. With a simple push-and-turn movement the ventilator disc can be removed and the filter easily reached for cleaning with ordinary detergents. When the filter is removed, the whole duct can be inspected and cleaned as necessary.

FRESH 80/is equipped with a separate adjustment of the air flow which is not affected when opening or closing the ventilator. In this way, one action will not interfere with the setting of the other. A screw for adjusting the air flow calibration is concealed beneath the outer cap of the ventilator disc (see diagram). The ventilator itself can be opened and shut simply by pulling the operating cord.