Suncourt Inline Centrifugal Fan for 4" Duct

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Suncourt Inline Centrifugal Fan Model TF104

Centrax Centrifugal Fan Fits 4" Duct. 200 CFM. Serious Air Power With Quiet Operation!

.High Volume & Pressure
.Installs In Any Position
.Ball Bearings Are Permanently Sealed & Lubricated
.Backward Inclined Blades
.Vibration Absorbing Material
.Class B TP Auto Reset
.UV Protected/Flame Retardant Thermal Plastic Resin
.140° F (60° C) Maximum Air Stream Temperature
.Includes Mounting Hardware
.5 Year Limited Warranty

Duct Diameter: 4"
Fan Overall Width: 10"
Fan Overall Height: 9.5"
Amps: .53
Watts: 40
Volts: 120
Hz: 60
CFM: 200


* NEVER expose your Centrax Centrifugal Fan to airflow temperatures exceeding 140°F (60°C).
* Make sure all electrical wiring conforms to all applicable codes and standards. If you are not familiar with electrical installations, consult a qualified electrician.

How much power does a Centrax Centrifugal Fan use?
TF104 40 Watts .53 Amps
TF106 70 Watts 1.00 Amps
TF108 120 Watts 1.70 Amps

What type of motor is used in Centrax Centrifugal Fans?
The electric motor is a Class B sealed, thermally protected, auto-reset, external rotor motor with ball bearing.

Can I use a Centrax Centrifugal Fan in a humid environment?
Yes, the Centrax Fan utilizes a sealed motor that can withstand humid/damp environments. Please use the appropriate strain relief for your application.

What does Thermally Protected mean?
A thermally protected motor contains a fuse that will cut off power to the motor should the motor temperature exceed a safe limit. Centrax Centrifugal Fans contain an auto-resetting feature.

What are the impellers made of?
Glass filled nylon with a flame rating of UL94VO.

Can I build-in a Centrax, i.e. drywall or panel over it?
No. The Centrax must always remain accessible for service, cleaning or repair.

Can I use the Centrax to vent outside air?
The Centrax has to be protected from rain and excessive moisture.

What is the lowest airflow temperature for a Centrax?
To maintain good oiling of the motor bearings, we recommend a minimum temperature of 40°F (4°C).

What do I typically need for electrical installation?
Provided in the box is the hardware for mounting the Centrax Centrifugal Fan. You will need to provide an appropriate strain-relief and the code-correct wire to bring power to the fan. You will also need a screwdriver, duct tape, drill, and pliers depending on your installation.

Is the Centrax safe?
The Centrax fans have been rigorously tested to the Standards of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and have an ETL listing.


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