Proliphix EPA-60 Ethernet Power Adaptor

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Proliphix EPA-60 Ethernet Power Adaptor

The Ethernet Power Adaptor is used to power up to six NT20e / NT10e Internet Thermostats. The Adaptor wires to the thermostat using standard Cat 5 communication wire (not included). 24 volt power supply and mounting hardware included.

Proliphix Network Power
The Proliphix Ethernet Power Adapter provides a very economical means to terminate in-wall Ethernet wiring and power Proliphix Network Thermostats. Proliphix Network Power delivered through the EPA-20/60 is a low cost alternative to expensive Power over Ethernet (PoE, 802.3af) power injector equipment.

Proliphix Ethernet Power Adapters are multi-port power injectors capable of supplying power to either two (EPA-20) or six (EPA-60) Network Thermostats. Low voltage power is delivered to the thermostats
through the unused pairs on the Ethernet cable, from the included wall-mounted power supply. Both EPA-20 and EPA-60 are easily installed near the network equipment and at the point of termination of the Cat5 cables wired to each Network Thermostat. For each thermostat, there are two cable terminations on the EPA: one which provides data connectivity and power to the thermostat and the other which provides data connectivity only to the network equipment. For each thermostat, these two terminations are bridged to one another on the EPA to provide flow-thru data connectivity from the thermostat to the network equipment or network equipment to the thermostat. Power to each thermostat is isolated from the network equipment which may include hubs, switches and routers.

Typical Network Installation:
Each thermostat Cat5 cable is punched down to the 110 block on the EPA designated for that thermostat. Associated with each 110 punch down block (for each thermostat), is a standard RJ45 Ethernet jack which supports patch-cable data connectivity from the thermostat to the network equipment.

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +40°C
Dimensions: EPA-20 4.75? x 2.0? x .875?
EPA-60 7.25? x 2.0? x .875?
Weight: EPA-20 .5 lb
EPA-60 1 lb
Agency Approvals: UL
Warranty: 1 year Limited Warranty