U Tube Deluxe Manometer Vacuum Gauge

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U Tube Manometer Vacuum Gauge

In many areas - code requires a radon system to include a visual incator that the system has failed or is operating properly.  This gauge is a cost effective way to meet this requirement.

A dependable U-tube manometer that withstands hard use and provides accurate, high visibility readings.   One pair of carrying plugs and a pair of non-kink vinyl tube connectors are included with each manometer.  We also include short length of flexible tube and one 1/8" pipe thread adaptor for connection to PVC pipe. 

Reads 0-4 inches of Water Column vacuum

Overall dimensions: 17" H X 1 1/2" W X 3/4" D

To Install:
Follow manufacturers instructions for filling gauge with oil.  Drill 3/8" hole in PVC adjacent or above gauge installation location.  insert threaded end of tube adaptor into hole and seal.  Insert tube connector on gauge to other end of tube.