PowerCost Monitor WiFi Gateway

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Mfg:Blueline Innovations


PowerCost Monitor WiFi Gateway - Must be used with existing BLI-28000

The PowerCost Monitor WiFi Gateway appliance is an upgrade accessory to the PowerCost Monitor by Blue Line Innovations and the Black & Decker® Power Monitor. The WiFi Gateway allows consumers who have a PowerCost Monitor or Black & Decker® Power Monitor to view and manage their own household energy usage data through the Microsoft® Hohm and Google PowerMeter portals.

How the WiFi Gateway Works
If you already have a PowerCost Monitor, the PowerCost Monitor Wifi Gateway can enable you to feed your personal real time electricity data into either Microsoft® Hohm or Google PowerMeter. The Gateway works through your router to connect to the Internet and Microsoft® Hohm or Google PowerMeter.You choose which portal you want your information directed to and if at any time you want to move to the other portal, all you need to do is follow the directions to that portal.
Harnessing the Power of Analysis - and Community

Connecting through the Internet to Microsoft® Hohm or Google PowerMeter will let you find even more ways to save money each and every month. You can track your current usage and compare to historical patterns, learn how others have saved money and energy - including others in your own region. You can also connect with the entire Microsoft® Hohm or Google PowerMeter community, and share methods to start saving today, or develop a project plan based on your own profile and on how much you want to save.
About the WiFi Gateway

The PowerCost Monitor WiFi Gateway is an upgrade accessory. A Blue Line Innovations PowerCost Monitor or Black & Decker® Power Monitor and an in home wireless router are both required.

The WiFi Gateway includes an AC Adapter, USB cable, and installation instructions. Customer care support is available 7 days per week 8AM EST to 11PM EST.

About Microsoft® Hohm
Microsoft® Hohm is a free Web-based beta application and community portal that helps consumers to save energy and money. With Microsoft® Hohm you can better understand your home energy usage, get recommendations to conserve energy and start saving.
Microsoft® Hohm featuring PowerCost Monitor -- How it works and why!
Hohm uses advanced analytics licensed from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Energy to give you highly personalized energy saving recommendations.
These recommendations are tailored based on your specific household circumstances including home attributes and use of appliances and systems. When Integrated with the PowerCost Monitor WiFi edition, you can also harness the power of specific real-time and over-time information about your own energy usage, appliances, infrastructure, habits - and more.

About Google PowerMeter
Google PowerMeter is a free energy monitoring tool that helps you save energy and money.Using energy information provided by utility smart meters and energy monitoring devices, Google PowerMeter enables you to view your home's energy consumption from anywhere online.  This real time information allows you to track your consumption over time, discover ways to save money, share usage with friends and family and join the community to share and get tips that may help you save.