White Water Panel Replacement for Honeywell HC26E1004 - 6-Pack
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case of 6 Water Panels

Reinforced paper construction means more water-holding capacity and 50% higher output than rigid metal pads.  Pad must be changed at least twice per season.

Most water panels are made of a rigid expanded aluminum grid that is dipped in a clay solution.  These pads are made of an expanded paper and as a result are able to hold more water than traditional pads.  They have up to 50% higher moisture output than metal pads.  Unlike metal pads, these should be changed twice during the humidification season.

Surface treated with MicroFree Anti-Microbial Coating.

This water panel is made by a leading manufacturer to fit:
Aprilaire -  Models 350, 360, 560, 560A, 568, 600, 700, 700M, 700A, 760, 760A, 768 (same as # 35).
Honeywell - Models HE260A, HE260B, HE265A, HE265B, HE360A, HE360B, ME360, HE365A, HE365B (same as HC26A1008, HC26E1004, HC26P)

Dimensions Approximately 10" W X 13" H X 1 5/8" D

Note: This product is not manufactured or distributed by Research Products Corporation, owner of the registered trademark Aprilaire┬«.

Click here for instructions on changing out your water panel