BAYweb Wireless Occupancy Sensor

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BAYweb Wireless Occupancy Sensor.  Wireless X10 occupancy sensor for use with the BAYweb Thermostat.


  • Weather resistant case protects the sensor from the elements.
  • Locking screw prevents easy removal of batteries.


Up to 20' ft range
Passive infrared technology
Motion Sensor is 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

More on Occupancy Sensing:
The BAYweb Thermostat can use various types of sensors (motion sensors being the most common) which allow the thermostat to "know" when you are home (Occupied) or when you are away (Not Occupied).
Occupancy sensors enable the Web Thermostat to operate as one of the most efficient thermostat available today. Using occupancy sensors will save you the most amount of money and simplify setting up your thermostat.
Using Occupancy Sensing allows you to only pay for heating or air conditioning to your comfort level when you are there. Imagine running out to go shopping on a weekend and being gone from your house for say 5 hours. Do you always turn your thermostat down when you go shopping? Now your BAYweb Thermostat can do it for you.
Use of Occupancy Sensing simplifies setting up your thermostat's schedule because all you need to do is determine when you generally are asleep and when you generally wake up (if you want your house heated before you wake). The remainder of the time you can tell the thermostat to sense if you are there or not.
While "Sensing", the thermostat will automatically set back the temperature to your "Away" set point after a period of time of not sensing occupancy. Likewise, upon sensing occupancy, it will switch to your "Home" set point.
Scheduling a "Sleep" activity disables Occupancy Sensing to prevent switching to the Home set point if you get up in the middle of the night and happen to pass a sensor.