16x25x3 AIRx ALLERGY Honeywell FC40R1060 Replacement Return Grille Filter - MERV 11
(case of 2 Filters)

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case of 2 Filters
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16x25x3 AIRx ALLERGY Replacement for Honeywell FC40R1060 Return Grille Filter - MERV 11 
(actual size 15 3/4" X 24 3/4" X 3")

This specialty filter is designed for use in return grille applications.  Many homes have filter grilles, located at  the return air openings, that accommodate a one-inch filter.  Because of the one-inch limitation homeowners are limited as to their choice of filters, without retrofitting their systems.  A one-inch filter by nature has low surface area and needs to be replaced often.  Higher efficiency one-inch filters load with dirt quickly and can restrict airflow. 

This 3" return grille filter replaces the 1" filter without any retrofitting.  A self-sealing foam gasket surrounds the filter on the upstream size and makes a tight seal with the grille surface, eliminating air bypass.


  • Designedto fit into 1" return air filter grilles and replace standard 1" filters
  • Self sealing flexible gasket around upstream edge of filter eliminates air bypass
  • MERV 11 efficiency rating - captures allergens like dust, mold spores, pet dander, dust mite debris and other airborne particulates
  • Superior performance and service life over 1" filters
  • Replaces Honeywell part # FC40R1060
  • Replaces Accumulair DPFG16X25X5AM8, DPFG16X25X5AM11, DPFG16X25X5AM13