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System Requirements
These questions will find thermostats that will work with your system.
System Type
Not all thermostats work with all heating & cooling systems. Select the type of system you have from the list below.  [ learn more ]
Conventional Gas/Electric Furnace & Air Conditioner (1 Heating Source, 1 Cooling Source)
Most homes use this type of system
Electric Baseboard (a.k.a. Line Voltage)
Multiple Sources of Heating and/or Cooling (a.k.a. Multi-Stage)
Heat Pump (with or without backup heating/cooling)
Heat Only
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Power Requirements
Some thermostats require 24 VAC common power.  [ learn more ]
My thermostat does not have 24VAC common power available
Select this option if you are not sure of the available power
My thermostat uses 24VAC common power
My thermostat uses high voltage (line voltage only: 120V, 220V, etc.)
Programmable or Non-Programmable
Programmable thermostats help lower your heating & cooling bills.  [ learn more ]
Programmable Thermostats Only
Most homeowners choose programmable thermostats for energy savings
Non-Programmable Thermostats Only
No Preference
Personal Requirements
These features find thermostats that fit your personal needs.
Automatic Heat/Cool Switching (a.k.a. Autochangeover)
Thermostats with autochangeover switch automatically from heating to cooling when the seasons change. Autochanveover can be manually overridden.  [ learn more ]
Only Thermostats with Automatic Heat/Cool Switching
Only Thermostats without Automatic Heat/Cool Switching (Manual only)
No Preference
Thermostats with this feature are easier to read in the dark.
Only Thermostats with Backlighting
Only Thermostats without Backlighting
No Preference
Programmable Fan
Thermostats with this feature can be programmed to run the fan at specific times to circulate air through your house.
Only Thermostats with Programmable Fan
Only Thermostats without Programmable Fan
No Preference
Keypad Lockout
This feature lets you protect the thermostats setpoint programming from accidental change. This feature is typically not available on non-programmable thermostats.
Only Thermostats with Keypad Lockout
Only Thermostats without Keypad Lockout
No Preference
Vacation Hold
This feature lets you choose pre-determined time & temperature settings when you plan to be on vacation.
Only Thermostats with Vacation Hold
Only Thermostats without Vacation Hold
No Preference
Set Point Limiting
This feature lets you limit how high the temperature can be set when heating, or how low the temperature can be set when cooling.
Only Thermostats with Set Point Limiting
Only Thermostats without Set Point Limiting
No Preference