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Dynamic Furnace Filter Replacement Media

Dynamic Air Cleaners use electronic polarized-media technology to provide maximum ozone-free air cleaning, while installing quickly into the existing filter tracks of your central heating & cooling system. Dynamic's patented technology uses an active electrostatic field to polarize both the fibers of a media pad and the particles to be removed. The polarized particles are drawn to the polarized media fibers and to each other.

Dynamic Air Cleaners Operation Principles

  • Passive mechanisms - because there is a media, there is passive collection
  • Polarization and electrostatic attraction - polarized fibers collect polarized and charged particles charged center screen collects polarized and charged particles.
  • Agglomeration - Natural process (Brownian Motion) greatly accelerated by the field inside the air cleaner. Polarized particles attract each other and charged particles to form bigger clusters that are more easily captured.

Select Your Dynamic Filter Size

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How To Determine The Size You Need