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Switches by Type

Choose from multi-function switches, timers, motion sensors, and speed controls
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Multi-function switches allow control of multiple fan functions (ventilation, lights, nightlight, heat) from one switch. IAQSOURCE.COM sells switches for up to four functions in one switch.


Timer switches turn fans on and then off after a set time has elapsed. Timers save energy AND insure proper ventilation.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors sense occupancy or vacancy in a space, and can turn fans on or off automatically. In this category - you will also see fans with built-in motion sensors.

Speed Controls

Some fans allow for variable speed control. A fan speed switch allows the user to set the fan speed to provide the perfect amount of ventilation. NOTE: some fans cannot be used with a speed control - check manufacturer's recommendations before using a speed control with a fan!

Humidity Sensors

Humidity and/or condensation sensors turn on your fan when humidity levels rise.