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Specialty Thermostats

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Internet Enabled

Control and monitor your HVAC system for anywhere. All you need is broadband internet access at home.
Click here to learn more about Internet Enable Thermostats

Wireless Thermostats

We offer a complete selection of wireless thermostats and thermostat kits! Click to learn more about Honeywell Wireless Thermostats!

Thermostats for Landlords

Landlord thermostats have the ability to be set with temperature limits. These thermostats are appealing because they are energy efficient, tamper proof, and a low cost solutions to a problem many landlords face.
Learn why we recommend Braeburn thermostats as the ideal landlord thermostat.

Attic Thermostats

These thermostats can switch on an attic fan when it gets too hot in the attic space

Fan Coil Thermostats

Fan coil thermostats are found in hotels, condominiums, high-rise apartments and school classrooms. These typically feature multiple fan speed controls.

Fireplace Controls

Why settle for a boring on/off wall switch for your fireplace? Browse our selection of wireless remote controls, timers, and thermostat controls - and get the most out of your fireplace! See our installation video below!