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Infloor Radiant Products

When you choose Infloor, you’re choosing the radiant heating system known for its luxurious, reliable comfort. For its quality-assured, proven components. And for a warranty honored worldwide. Maybe that’s the reason other radiant heat systems are often referred to as “Infloor” systems. It never hurts to be mistaken for the original. But Infloor’s success is much more than a name. It’s a reputation built on performance and measured in years of outstanding customer satisfaction. After all, Infloor’s complete comfort goes beyond heating. It’s also knowing, years later, that you made the right choice.
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Hydronic Radiant

Nearly everyone agrees that a radiant floor is the world’s most comfortable heating system. That it makes floors wonderfully warm. That it doesn’t circulate dust or allergens. That it operates more efficiently. And those benefits aren’t limited to a specific kind of structure. Today, radiant heating systems are capable of heating homes and businesses, and can even be used for snow removal.
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Electric Radiant

Electric radiant is a great way to provide supplemental heat into a space and provide a comfortable environment. Both 120v and 240v kits are available along with many accessories.
These are cable systems, they use a wire that must be strung out on the floor and covered in thinset or a self-leveling poor.

Infloor Heating Packages

Basic Systems that are already designed and ready to be shipped out. They include the tubing, manifolds, basic thermostat and installation accessories.
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