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Evaporative Cooling Fans

Heat can be a major problem at many job sites. Fans with misters are one of the best ways to minimize heat stress. Perfect for: Outdoor retail, fire departments/rescue squads, pools/patios/decks, construction and job sites, sporting events, tent rentals, camping/resorts.
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Evaporative Cooling Misting Fans

These innovative mistnig fans can reduces air temperature by as much as 35 degrees! The VersaMist cools for up to 5 hours. The Mighty Mister cools for up to 8 hours.

Industrial Grade Pedestal Fans with Mist Kits

These high velocity fans feature a stainless steel misting ring and integral high-pressure (1,000 PSI) positive displacement pump with primary filtration. Oscillating and non-oscillating versions are avaialble.

Pro-Kool Portable Evaporative Spot Coolers

The new Pro-Kool portable evaporative coolers boasts powerful fans which delivers 20% more cool air while using less energy, and takes up less floor space than competitive models.

Oscillating Fog Fans

Our most powerful cooling fan, the VersaFog produces a high pressure cooling fog. The industrial oscillating fan distributes the cool air up to 65 feet.