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Dehumidifiers is one of the largest dehumidifier dealers in the United States. We stock most brands and accessories in our own facility providing you with a quicker turnaround time, nationwide call-ahead delivery service and instant tracking information on your order. We have installed hundreds of units in all types of applications and can offer expert advice on how to properly install yours. We are also an authorized service center for all of our equipment and can offer in-house warranty service and replacement parts. We sell only brand new fully warranted equipment and we stand behind it.

If you are looking for the best possible dehumidifier and a company that can support it, is the clear choice.
By Application
This group of dehumidifers offers the best solution for "general purpose" residential / light commercial dehumdification. This group includes stand-alone, throught-the-wall, and HVAC ductable.
These compact units are designed for low clearance areas such as crawl spaces. Most can be ducted with simple straight pipe to reach corners, long runs or other problem areas.
These dehumidifiers are portable and built for jobsite abuse. Used by professional restorers, homebuilders and wherever there is a need for rugged, portable dehumidification.
Most commonly used in the harshest environments, these pool and spa dehumidifers can be used to solve high moisture problems virtually anywhere.
These Commercial / Industrial dehumidifiers are the highest capacity we offer. These powerful, yet versital units are built to serve the demands of industry for environmental control of very large areas as well as areas with severe conditions.
This category includes duct kits, filters, condensate pumps, and other dehumidifier accessories
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